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Basic Football Rules and Regulations

Basic Football Rules and regulations

Football is one of the most popular sport in the world and founded in the 19th century. In 1963 following the base of association football, who had been the primary one who chose the basic football rules and regulations. The single highest governing body of football is FIFA who determines the rules of football. There are 211 nations have their national football teams connected with FIFA.

Initially, once the football was set up, there aren’t any particular rules of soccer. But following the base of FIFA, basic football rules that have to follow along with any football team were rollout.

Here’s the listing of basic football rules and regulations.

  • The size of the football ground must be between 90 – 120 m length and 45- 90 m width with natural or artificial grass.
  • There needs to be 18 players in each group where only 11 players could be on area and remainder of the players rely as the replacement.
  • The game consists of two halves of 45 minutes each with a 15 minutes break after the first halves.
  • A football must be 68-70 cm in circumference and 22 cm in diameter.
  • All of the white lines have to be observable which are pitch line, center circle, penalty area and goal lines.
  • A goalkeeper may use any body area to touch the ball remainder of the players may use any body part except the arms.
  • Kicking the ball to the same team member known as passing.
  • Controlling or transferring the ball by shielding it using the defenders called dribbling.
  • Once the ball is in the air, the participant can utilize its head or chest for the ball.
  • A referee and two assistant referees must be there for any decisions like penalties etc.
  • A goal can be count when the ball crosses the goal line.
  • If the teams score the same amount of goals after the 90 minutes, then it is a draw state. The game will last for an excessive period of two 15 minute halves. Even after the excess time in the event the winner is still not determined, then there’ll be a penalty shootout.
  • The defender can’t push the competitive player while obtaining the ball. The referee would provide a penalty card when the defender hurt any competitions player.
  • In a game, a team can change around three replacement players. After using all three substitutions if some of those players get hurt on the floor, he’ll return into the pavilion. However, the remainder of the team needs to play the rest ten players.
  • Once the ball is throw away from the ground, then a throw-in will happen from the opponents of the player who kicked off the ball.
  • A goal kick will happen from the defending team when the ball goes beyond goal line by an attacker without scoring any goal.
  • A corner kick will happen from the attacking team when the ball goes beyond goal line by a defender.

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Off Side Rule

football offside rule
If the attacking player is next to last near to target and also touches the ball awarded by a teammate, called offside. The defending team could find a free kick when a participant caught offside. It can’t be count as offside when the participant is on his half.

These are a few of the basic football rules. Can we’re overlooking a couple more basic football rules? Please tell us in the comment section.

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