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How Football Game Came into the World? History of Football

History of Football

Here you will find a brief history of Football but before that first of all, let us understand, what is football? A football is a sport in which a round ball filled with air is used to push from the body without using hands in the opponent’s goal. The team consists of 11 players in each team including goalkeeper that can use its entire body for football within its square area. The team who scores maximum goals will be the winner of the match.

History of Football

Football, which is also known as soccer, arose in the mid of the 19th century in England. But, it was inactivity much earlier before the 19th century. At that time in traditional football, there were no rules for this game. They can use their entire body even punches were also used to push the ball. Due to which, it has caused some dangerous injuries and sometimes death of a player. Due to this reason, it is got hidden for many years and again came in the 19th century. The history of football is such an amazing that in traditional football era, there was no rubber ball like today. A rock ball or a leather ball made of a pig bladder, filled with hair was the source to play.

Year’s ago the ball has been used by the Roman military for their training and practices but not for playing. Then after that, it was first introduced by Rome to the British region. Now the British had created their own version of playing with the ball. Colleges and school players were playing this game. But still, there is a confusion among rugby and football because different colleges have their different rules to play. These games were played by two schools Rugby and Eton. In Rugby, the player can run for a goal by keeping the ball in hands. At Eton, the players can use their body without using their hands. One school called it the running game while the Eton called this the dribbling game.

First Football Association

The different schools have different rules for playing the game. The most uncommon things are the length of ground, the number of players in a team and the size of the ball. Due to which inter competitions were not occurs. Finally, in 1863 a football association was set up in London and, that was the first step in the history of Football. After the foundation of an association, only the goalkeeper can use its hand in football. Problems like ground length, number of players in a team and ball size were all settled in a fixed manner. Walter champ the father of American football is responsible for taking football to its next level. In 1891 referee was introduced to the football for handling all the penalties and fouls in the game.

These rules did not adopt by many schools and clubs they still have their own different rules for this game. After the passing of time, this game become popular and adopted by many countries. In 1904, the highest governing body of football was set up and, that is known as FIFA. FIFA stands for the organization and management of all the major tournaments in football like Mens and Women’s World Cup.

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