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Brief History of Cricket Game: Everything You Need To Know About

Brief history of cricket

Every Indian boy has grown up, playing cricket in the narrow alleys of his home and cracking window panes of neighbors.

But, have you ever given a thought as what led to the evolution of this sport? If you believe that is a modern sport, then you are absolutely wrong.

The history of cricket game has its roots in the Dark Ages. Before the Normans attacked England, but after the establishment of the Roman Empire, the birth of this sports took place.

Interestingly, it was not a tennis ball or tear-resistance ball that a player used to throw but it was a piece of wood which was paired with a tailor-made club.

However, this mystery is yet to be cracked how and when this piece of wood and club became a part of a game in which a hitter chased a target against the baller.

There were other things that followed this action such as score was being awarded for every hit, more players joined this two-player game and the evolution of the concept of getting wickets.

These small additions transformed this 2-player game into a team game.

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This led to the tradition of playing cricket from high schools to farm communities. Interestingly, the ancient cricket rules were set out on a handkerchief in 1744. At present, the set of these rules is preserved in the MCC Museum, London.

The game took a new turn when in 1877, the first international match was played between England and Australia.

The match was termed as a ‘test’, considering the fact that it was deemed to be a test for each team as it lasted over five days.

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Significant Matches

One of the remarkable matches was played by England against Australia in the year 1981.

Experts say such a victory after a surprising fall has been first of its kind in the history of test matches.

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