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20 Interesting Football Facts

Top 20 Interesting Football Facts

Football is one of the most popular game in the world. It is a blend of skills, speed, moves, strength and many more interesting facts about football. A football fan may know most of the things about football but maybe don’t know some rare football facts. Here is the list of 20 Interesting Football facts.

Football Facts

  1. According to the facts, Football was a Chinese game and first introduced by them. It is among the top most popular game in the world with more than 4 billion fans worldwide.
  2. England was the first country who call it soccer they found this name from association football. After that, Americans adopted this word as a nickname for football. Now, only Americans and Canadians call it soccer.
  3. When the football game came, there was so much confusion between Rugby and, Football among players. Several schools have their different rules for playing football and rugby. Some of them allowed football players to push the ball from the hands as we can see in Rugby.
  4. FIFA is the highest governing body of Football that is responsible for organizing major tournaments like World Cup. Uruguay was the first team who had won the first FIFA world cup against Argentina.
  5. The maximum number of goals scored by any player in a match is 16 goals by Stephan Stanis from France. France won that match against Auby-Austries and, the score was 32-0.
  6. Mark Hughes is the only player who had played for Wales and Bayern Munich at the exact same moment. After completing with the Wales where they shed with 2-0, he’s got to select the trip from Prague to Munich for another game. After the match began, he was on the airplane and had overlooked the first half, but united in the second half.
  7. The American football player William Pudge Heffelfinger was the first professional Football player. In 1892 he was the first player who gets paid 500$ for a match.
  8. First ever live covered football league was the National Football League and broadcasted by NBC in the year 1939. This was the first time when the TV audience had watch the football on TV ever.
  9. Arthur Friedenreich is the only player who did most goals ever in football history. He did 1329 goals in his professional football career and still on the top of the list.
  10. when football came, each match was consist of 90 minutes, by dividing first and the second half into 45 minutes.
  11. Sialkot in Pakistan has one of the world’s most football manufacturers. According to the surveys, Pakistan produces more than a half of footballs in the world. Their football used in the Most Famous Football Leagues like Bundesliga League and even in the Soccer world cup too. After this success, those manufacturers were all set for their way to sports and still serving as a major football service provider.
  12. In any football match, a player runs an average of 7 miles. It is the average distance that a player covers within 70 minutes while running for a goal.
  13. The longest goal kicked by any player in the soccer covers a distance of 91.9 meters. Asmir Begovic was the goalkeeper player who did this goal for stoke city club.
  14. 1878 was the year when the first time any referee came into the ground for whistling. Before this only two umpires were there to make a decision when any player appeal. As the competition increased the disputes were also increased and, the association decided to call a referee on the ground.
  15. The association has introduced Goal kick in 1969 and corner kick in 1972 for the first time in football. These kicks awarded to the defender, when the ball goes outside the field after touching any player from the attacking team.
  16. The quickest red card given to any player is after 2 seconds when the match starts in the History of Football. Lee Todd was that player who got it and had to go back out of the field due to using abusive language. The voice was so louder that the referee showed him the red card.
  17. Most red cards and yellow cards received in any football match was the 2006 FIFA world cup round of 16. This match was between Portugal and the Netherlands and, they got a total of 4 red cards and 16 yellow cards. It is also known as the Battle of Nuremberg because this match occurred in Frankenstadion in Nuremberg.
  18. Greenland is not able to take part in any FIFA World Cup because of their inability to grow grass for the field. Football players face very challenging weather conditions that they can play football only for 4 months a year.
  19. Mauricio Baldivieso is the youngest player to play professional football ever. He was just 12 year when he made his debut against La Paz FC in the year 2009. He started his career playing with Aurora team.
  20. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is the highest paid football player ever. Paris Saint Germain offered him a fee of ‎€222 million to join their club. At that time he was playing for Barcelona and then he accepted the offer to join Paris Saint Germain club.
  21. Until 1913, the goalkeeper had to wear the same uniform that their teammates wear. After that, the Football Association applied different uniforms for the goalkeeper to look different from the team.

These are some of the football facts and, the source is various websites presented on the Internet. Do we are missing a few more facts about football? Please let us know in the comment section.

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