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List of Sports

Sports can be defined as the combination of physical activity and mental strength with an aim to improve physical ability, release stress and provide entertainment to the viewers. There are too many sports present right now that can play individually or in teams with a couple of participants. The main aim of playing sports is to achieve victory and there are hundred’s of games that categorised into the different categories. Here’s a list of sports from A-Z.

List of Sports



ArcheryArchery is an activity of shooting an arrow from a Bow at a particular target.
Air SportsAir sports include those activities that perform in the air such as aerobatics, air racing, drone racing, and ballooning, etc.
AthleticsAthletics is a sport of performing activities on track or field that includes running, jumping, and throwing, etc.


BadmintonBadminton is a racket game in which a shuttlecock is hit back to the opponent’s side across a net.
BaseballIt’s a game played between two teams of 9 players in each with a bat and ball. It has a diamond shape ground with four bases for running and to score runs.
BasketballBasketball is a team game played on a rectangular court with the purpose to score a goal by throwing a ball through a hoop.
BilliardsIt is a game played on a rectangular table with a cue stick to score points by hitting balls into table pockets.
BowlsBowls is also known as lawn bowls in which a ball is rolled towards a small ball called jack. The primary objective is to throw the ball as near as possible to the jack from opponent’s ball.
BowlingBowling is a game in which a player rolls a ball on a narrow lane towards ten pins. The aim is to hit down more ball than the opponent.
BoxingBoxing is a sport played between two people with protective gears on a square platform covered with ropes. The primary objective is to hit punches on each other to score points.
BodybuildingBodybuilding is a sport that includes physical exercises to gain muscles and strength.


ChessChess is a strategic game played between two people by moving objects on a small square board. The purpose is to cover opponents king so that it cannot escape.
CricketCricket is a sport played with a bat and ball between two teams of 11 players in each. It consists of two innings batting and bowling, in the first inning the players hit the ball to score the runs. In the second inning, the opponents player come on the pitch to chase the target.
CyclingCycling is riding a bicycle to chase other opponents within a particular distance.
ClimbingClimbing is a sport that is played between teams or individually to climb a verticle terrain or mountain.


DartsDarts is a game in which small pointed arrows throws on a circular board. The dartboard contains some numbers, player that hit it to the centre or near to the centre will get points.
DivingDiving is a sport which includes jumping into the water from a particular height. It is also known as performing some underwater activities by diving.


FishingFishing is a sport of catching a fish with the help of a stick and thin thread.
FencingFencing is a sword activity game played between two people with some protective gears.
FootballA football is a sport in which a round ball filled with air is used to push from the body without using hands in the opponent’s goal.
Formula 1Formula 1 is a form of motor racing.


GolfGolf is a sport played on a large field, in which a player hit the ball with a golf stick into a small hole. The aim is to hit as less as possible strokes to complete the field.
GymnasticsGymnastics is a game of balancing, flexibility, and strength.


HandballHandball is a team game in which players pass the ball through their hands to other player and throwing the ball to other team’s goal area.
HockeyHockey is a team player game has 11 players in each. They use a hockey stick to pass the ball in goal post.
Horse RacingHorse Racing is a sport of riding horses at a certain distance of competition with the help of riders whom they call jockey.


Ice HockeyIce Hockey is played on the ice, players with the help of skate shot the vulcanised rubber puck to the opponent goal post to score points for their team.


JudoJudo is a kind of modern martial art that is played with physical power and mental discipline. It requires some techniques that allow you to hit down your opponent.


Karatekarate is a sport which is a Japanese martial-arts, played with discipline and techniques like kicking, striking, and defensive blocking with the help of hands and leg.
KayakingA Kayak is a small and narrow boat in which the paddler sits by spreading his leg in front. It is a sport that with two blades for moving in any direction.
Kite BoardingA Kiteboarding is a kind of surfing that came from windsurfing, snowboarding, etc. It requires a kite that pulls on water board with air.


Martial ArtsMartial Arts is a Combat sport that is used for self-defence, military training, attacking or mental strength development.
MotoGP RacingMotoGP Racing is a premium motorcycle road racing sports.


RaftingRafting is outdoor activities and adventurous sports using a raft on the speedy water to cover some distance to win the game.
RowingRowing is a sport in which a team of players drives a boat using the motion oars in the water.
RugbyRugby is a team sport that has an oval-shaped ball in which a player can pass, kicked and carried the ball to the goal post.
RunningRunning is the motion of a body by applying physical strength and power by the foot. It is a sport played between some people for a particular distance.


SailingSailing is a sport in which an individual ride a boat that moves with the help of wind on water, on land or, on ice.
SkatingSkating is the gliding of body on roller skates or ice skates. It can be done for fun, travel or various sport.
SkiingSkiing is a sport in which an individual glide on the snow with the help of skis. It is to be done for racing or performing jumping activities on the snow.
ShootingShooting is a sport which is played with a Gun to shoot a target. It requires accuracy, patience, and stability in the body to shoot the target.
SnookerSnooker is a game played on a billiards table with cues. In this, a player hit the white cue to pocket the other cues.
Snow BoardingSnowboarding is a surfing sport in which an individual glides on the surfboard for competition or jumping.
SquashSquash is a racket and ball game played by two players or four players on a four-walled court. A player hit a hollow ball on the wall, and both were alternate in striking.
SwimmingSwimming is a sport that is played for competition by individual or team. It requires movement of arms and legs to move through the water.


Table TennisTable tennis is a sport in which two players hit a light-weight ball over the nets on a table with small bats.
TaekwondoTaekwondo is a martial art which is originated in Korea, and it includes kicking techniques like head kick, fast kicking and spinning kicks.
TennisTennis is a ball and racket sport which is played between two players (singles) or four players (doubles) on a court. In this game, a player hit the ball on opponents court over a net.
TriathlonTriathlon is an athletic competition which includes three different sports, swimming, cycling, and, running.


Underwater DivingUnderwater Diving is a sport in which an individual uses a set of breathing equipment to explore under the water.


VolleyballVolleyball is a sport which includes two teams of 6 players, in which one team try to reach the ball on opponents ground over a net.


WeightliftingWeightlifting is a sport that requires physical strength and power to lift the heavy weight over the head.
WrestlingWrestling is a combat sport in which one wrestler try on another wrestler to fall.