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List of Team Records In One day International

list of team records in one day international - latest sports news

Team Records in One Day Internationals:

In the team record table, you can see how many matches team have been played and how many they won, loss, draw and their winning percentage. It generally shows that the record was set within a domestic season.

Team1st ODIMatchWonLossTieNRWinning%
Australia5 Jan 197191155631293463.91
India13 Jul 197493948340974054.11
Pakistan11 Feb 197388946939481854.30
West Indies5 Sep 197377338335492751.94
Sri Lanka7 Jun 197581637639953648.92
South Africa10 Nov 197358936220561663.69
England5 Jan 197170735032582451.83
New Zealand11 Feb 197374433436563947.80
Zimbabwe9 Jun 198350213335261127.69
Bangladesh31 Mar 19863401082250732.43
Ireland13 Jun 200613258643747.60
Afghanistan19 Apr 20099447450251.08
Kenya18 Feb 1996154421070528.18
Scotland16 May 199910136590637.89
Netherland17 Feb 19967628441339.04
Canada9 Jun 19797717580222.66
UAE13 Apr 19944111300026.82
Hong Kong16 Jul 2004239130140.90
Bermuda17 May 2006357280020.00
Papua New Guinea8 Nov 2014175120029.41
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