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Taylor Report 1990: Hillsborough stadium disaster

Taylor report 1990

Taylor Report 1990

The Taylor report is an inquiry report of a disaster occurred in the Hillsborough stadium during a football match in 1989.

That was the most disastrous moment in the History of Football that caused the death of 96 Liver pool fans due to overcrowding.

The Taylor report came in 1989 but, the final report announced in 1990. The Taylor report came with a conclusion of safety instructions that every stadium have to follow for safety purpose.

What happened is that, immediately after the Hillsborough tragedy, the committee decided a meeting under Lord Justice Taylor.

This meeting goes for thirty-one days to come out with better safety and crowd management solution. The primary cause for this tragedy was a failure in controlling the crowd by law enforcement.

The behavior of the Liverpool FC lovers was routing towards disaster. At that time in football matches, most of the stadiums have standing accommodation zone for the crowd, that was also the most crucial reason behind overcrowded.

After this incident, the Taylor report stated some safety directions for the stadiums.

All stadiums must have to convert their position space to the seater stadium. Even the government gave a rule that no standing accommodation is allowed in any stadium.

The organizer cannot sell the tickets beyond seat capacity. There must be enough space for involving viewers seating for smooth motion.

Some other safety rules are related to, alcohol sale, fences, and barriers, etc. After that, each of the new stadiums built by thinking about the safety first and decreased the capacity of attendees for improved motion.

After following these security rules, the hooliganism also has become expired. There are no cases associated with hooliganism, or they’re few or non-existent.

The offenses referred to football or at the stadium reduced after this report.

The fans become more aware of yourself and others safety and maintaining the dignity of football. Proper identity cards and tickets were provided to the people to spot the hooligans.

Even though these instructions weren’t entirely rollout by all stadiums such as the identity card principle wasn’t rollout by most of the stadiums. Other notable things in modern football are that stadiums are providing more room and manager boxes.


The Taylor report 1990 was the first step taken for everyone’s safety in any sports event. The modern football stadiums and games become more stable and are more entertaining.

According to the Taylor report 1990, there have been a total of 76 recommendations for stadiums in the UK. Majority of the recommendations adopted and results in a more secure and prosperous occasion.

During that era, seater stadiums were not famous since there was an all-seater scene in Coventry city as High field road arena which was unpopular among fans.

Currently, stadiums and organizers are offering better entertainment and developing sportsmanship among football lovers.

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