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Top 5 Most Famous Football Leagues in The World

Famous Football Leagues

Soccer/Association Football is one of the most popular sports and holds number one position in the world. It captures almost every country that watches or play the Football Game.

Due to its rising popularity, it will still remain on top for many years. Every football fan believes that their home country’s football team and leagues are the best but, which are the best.

Here is the list of the world’s most famous football leagues in the world. These football leagues were ranked in terms of their Fans, Viewership, Attendance, Money, and Popularity of the game.

Football Leagues

#1 EPL(English Premier League)

English Premier LeagueEnglish Premier League is among the top-rated football leagues in the world. It has got the highest viewership on television in the world that’s why people place more bet on it. This football league has 20 clubs associated. EPL came in the year 1992 in England. It hosts FA Cup and FA Community Shield in its domestic matches and English Football League as a league. It has two famous clubs, Manchester City current champions and Manchester United winner of 13 titles.

The worldwide viewership of the English Premier League is approx 4.7 billion and highest match attendance of 27000. In the last season, it has got a record revenue of 5.2 Billion.

#2 Spanish La Liga

La LigaSpanish La Liga was founded in 1929 in Spain. It has 20 teams associated, Real Madrid winner of 33 titles and Barcelona winner of 25 titles are among the top teams in this football league. In this football league, Lionel Messi is one of the top paid footballers in any league. La Liga teams have won 8 European titles which are the most titles won in any football league.

La Liga has a worldwide viewership of 4.5 billion and the highest match attendance of 27000. In its previous season, it has got €3.36 billion in revenue. The competition among EPL and La Liga almost the same and maybe La Liga takeover the first position next time.

#3 Serie A (Italy)

Siere AItalian Football league Serie A came in 1998 and, now it has 20 teams associated. It is among the best football leagues in the world and holds the third position. Juventus, the winner of 34 titles in this football league, is on the top of all 18 teams. Serie A holds the second position in revenue of TV broadcast worldwide and, it is for the reason that it hosts the world’s most famous teams Juventus, Internazionale, and Milan. This football league is present from the time when football came into the world.

Serie A has a record attendance of more than 23000 audiences in a match. €2.26 billion is the record revenue generated by this league and, it seems like soon it will cross its position to the next due to its increasing fan following.

#4 Bundesliga (Germany)

BundesligaThe German football league Bundesliga is among the top football leagues in the world and popular among their worldwide fans. Bundesliga league has got the highest match attendance of their audience in any football league. It comprises of 18 teams by having Bayern Munich, winner of 27 titles on the top of this league. This league came in 1963 and very soon become famous European league. It has an average of 2.67 goals per game and 4.5 cards per game.

It is among the top football league in having the highest match attendance of 45000. During its last season, it has got €3.37 billion in revenue. Bundesliga captures an approx 30% betting market in all football leagues.

#5 Ligue 1

Ligue 1French professional league Ligue 1 came in 1932. It has 19 clubs from France and one from Monaco, associated. The two top champions of this football league are Paris Saint-Germain winner of 7 titles and Saint Etienne winner of 10 titles. 2.5 is its average goal score in any match. This league is rising from its day one and become in the top 5. Ligue 1 has got €1.6 billion revenue in its last season 2016-17. Maybe in the upcoming years, it can be at the next position due to its increasing popularity and rising players.

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