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Ever wondered! Why Sports Jerseys are so expensive

Sports Jerseys

If you do not recognize your player’s jersey number than you are not a true fan. A sports jersey is something which has been loved by every sports fan. It has been seen many times especially during cricket, fans used to wear their favorite player’s jersey in the stadium, where they cheered for them. This is a kind of tribute they give to their players.

Generally, a sports uniform is available in the market. But have you ever wondered that, is it original or not?

Well, let me tell you frankly that, uniforms for all sports which you see in the market are not original. Because the actual sports uniform is expensive. And so, it is tough for normal people to buy.

Now let me tell you that, why are jerseys so expensive with these points.

Premium piece – As these jerseys were made for players who represent the nations, they have to maintain some standard. This is why they wear premium quality of jersey which is expensive and tough to buy by localities.

Custom Finish – These premium sports jerseys Online were made with high-class quality products. Like they have detailed stitching on logos, and names that drive up the cost of production and ultimately, the cost of sale.

Few sports companies who made jerseys only – Few top companies are specialized in manufacturing sports jerseys for the players; this is the sole reason behind Expensive Sports Uniforms.

Brand matters – When brands take responsibilities of the nation’s biggest players, they made their sports jerseys with full dedication as they took care of looks to comfort as well.

The manufacturing process – when the top company makes youth sports uniform in large amounts it is not so valued as they make some limited amount of it. This is why they charged a higher amount for those jerseys.
Distribution channel – The process goes from factories to reseller and this long process takes a lot of effort to reach the market which makes it high in price.

High demand – Generally it has been seen that when things are in high demand and the store inventory have less storage then they keep it high charge. For example, all over the world, there are more than millions of people who are sports fans and everyone wants to cheer out in their favorite sports person, sports jersey. And here the company can’t able to full- fill everyone’s demand. This is why they keep their sports uniform high price.

Youth sports uniforms – There are some other companies as well who prepare sports uniforms. They are not exactly like the original one as they also not charged a bigger amount for that. But within the budget, they make good and comfortable sports jerseys even though it can’t be compared with the original one.

Sponsorship fees become higher during the match – Any famous match which is about to held somewhere then, the queue of big companies come for sponsorship.

But because of the high TRP of that game across the world, sports companies increase their rate of sponsorship and thus companies who sponsor also increase the rate of the jersey or the kit which they made for the players.

Normally, it has been observed that players who wear the sports jersey during their match are been made for various purposes like the above reasons are one side.

The whole jersey and the footwear and so their safety pads are also an important part during their match. So, we can’t evaluate that the only jersey is costly but the overall kit which is worn by the players is premium. For example – Adidas signed a 10-year sponsorship contract with Manchester United for a total of $1 billion.

It gave the sponsorship fee to Manchester United in advance to obtain permission to produce and sell Manchester United jerseys. After spending such a high sponsorship fee, Adidas definitely wants to earn money back, so the price of the jersey will be higher than the original.

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